"Racism is a slippery subject, one which evades confrontation, yet one which overshadows every aspect of our lives. Racism is especially rampant in places and people that produce knowledge. By sending our voices, visuals and visions into the world … we [can] make a home out of the cracks." (Gloria Anzaldua)


Race and racism are structurally present in our everyday experiences of Dutch society, yet very often silenced in public discussions. Those who inhabit racialised bodies often experience being pushed to the margins where their presence is just enough to create the illusion of a diverse and inclusive society, yet not enough to make significant changes. In the context of Dutch universities, racialised academics—which we understood as academics who self-identify as being racialised based on a variety of possible markers of difference—are still largely excluded, especially when it comes to hiring for permanent positions. Yet here we are, very much present in Dutch universities regardless. Many of us—racialised academics—exist in the cracks of the university, and from these cracks we resist (epistemic) erasures and try our best to sow seeds for transformations, for possibilities of world(s) otherwise.

This space is one of these cracks for racialised academics and/or existing initiatives by-for racialised academics to find each other, to embrace each other, to create safe space with-for each other, to support each other, to make more cracks within the walls of Dutch academia. It is our hope that from these cracks one day we might be able to see a new world emerge. A world where we, racialised academics, not only can exist but thrive in Dutch universities if we so choose to be there.


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We will be launcing the Race in Academia Collective on March 21st at this incredible event organised by one of our partner networks: Joy In Academia

The Race, Equity and Inclusion Project is an NWO project. Please find more information through this link.

Please consider applying for the second post-doc position for this project! Vacancy here! 

Please find an article on 'Intersectionality and/or multiple consciousness: Re-thinking the analytical tools used to conceptualise and navigate personhood' written by Charmika Samaradiwakera-Wijesundara here